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Our Story

I have the best dog in the world, a little white west terrier named Daisy. We’ve had so many amazing memories together, but one particular experience haunts me to this day. On one summer afternoon, Daisy and I were at the park. It’s a quiet spot, so it’s perfect for her run around off the leash. Daisy loves this so I make the effort to let her run often. However, on this particular day, something unthinkable happened. 

Daisy ran in the bushes, and then I heard a bone-chilling cry. A coyote was trying to drag Daisy away by her neck. I shouted to try to scare the coyote away, but it continued to pursue Daisy. In a state of panic, I grabbed a piece of wood to scare him off. Luckily, Daisy wasn’t injured. However, things could have ended much differently. Fast forward to this day, Daisy is just fine and we’re now being more careful on our walks in the park.

However, this situation led to an interesting thought: It’s common-sense to have a first-aid kit for our family. So, if our pet is also a member of our family, why do we not have a first-aid kit for them?

I asked my local veterinarian about this and he suggested that I buy some essential products for Daisy. However, there was no “pet first-aid kit.” You could only buy a few products separately. 

 Omar (co-founder) and I discussed this idea. With help from a vet team and vet technicians, we created the first of its kind pet first-aid kit and a comprehensive pet first-aid app to go along with it!

If Daisy had been attacked that day, our pet first-aid kit could have saved her life. I would have blown the emergency whistle provided in the kit to scare away the animal. Or, in the event of an injury, I would have been able to provide Daisy basic first-aid to make the waiting time to seek medical help less painful. 

At Paws 4 Life, we prepare pet parents with the essentials and knowledge needed to keep their pets safe and protected.