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Why Choose Paws 4 Life

A common question we get in our support is "why should I buy Paws 4 Life pet first aid essential products vs from another pet first aid company?"

While there seems to be a few companies that sell pet first aid  products that popped up in recent years, it's important to know what to look for in a company, and of course, in the products too.

So here we've compiled 8 reasons we believe Paws 4 Life is the best choice on the market right now, and probably a good choice for you too.



1. Quality

Pet first aid items specifically developed to help with emergencies shouldn't skimp out on quality, design, or effectiveness. There are different levels of quality of first aid products on the market. Our products are made with premium materials, and carefully selected by our veterinarian team.

Many other companies will opt for the lower quality products which may not even be conducive for pet parents to use in an emergency.


2. Price

There's no doubt that quality pet first aid items can be a large investment in your pet. But that doesn't mean you have to break the bank to get them. 

We price our  pet first aid essentials competitively, striving to always bring value, and are proud to offer the most affordable pet first aid essentials in Canada/USA in our class. 

(Note: you may find $40 or less pet first aid kits on the market at big retail stores or online and wonder how they differ. Note that they are often made of cheaper materials, not carefully selected or conducive for pets and don’t even offer a user-intuitive guide app option.)


3. 1 Year Warranty - Guarantee

We are proud to say that we offer a 1 year warranty on any items that may be defective.

4. Free Shipping

As you can imagine, it can get expensive to ship a package across the country. Not for you though. Don't worry, we'll always cover the shipping via Canada Post, and it delivers fast.


5. Cutting Edge Design & Development

There are a few advancements we've made to our LED Outdoor Pet Pack-bag that really makes us stand out from others. One notable one, is our integrated LED rechargeable light which is removable. Our pet pack bag is designed with utility in mind for pet parents, using quality premium materials, containing convenient storage pockets for storing essential pet items. Our outdoor pet pack bags are waterproof, durable and compact ideal for any outdoor adventure.


6. Fast and Dedicated Support

The first thing we reinvest in here at Paws 4 Life is in our support. Our support options are growing to ensure you get friendly and speedy answers to any questions throughout-and after-your buying experience.

Email support@paws4life.ca or chat in with support on any page of our website and we'll respond ASAP.  


7. Canadian Based

We know it's important for many of our customers to support and deal with a real Canadian company. Our pet first aid items, outdoor pet pack-bags, and eGuide app,   were designed by pet experts in Canada, with Canadian and American pet parents in mind. It also means faster shipping as it's coming from within Canada.


8. The Paws 4 Life GIVE-BACK Program

We believe in giving back to the less fortunate pets in our communities. That's why we are proud to have put in place our Give Back program. We will donate to various pet charities across the country, such as the PetSmart Charity, or other pet shelters/charities.

At Paws 4 Life, our company was built on the premise that we can make a difference. With the Paws 4 Life Give Back program our impact is accelerated, enabling us to donate hundreds of dollars a quarter with our goal in mind to eventually be donating thousands of dollars. 

If you're interested in learning more about our Paws 4 Life Give Back program, please email us at support@paws4life.ca and we'll be happy to assist.  

We believe these reasons has made us the fastest-growing pet first aid company in Canada.

We hope that we've properly displayed the value in buying Paws 4 Life pet first essentials vs. from another company.

Check out all of our products and Get Prepared Experience Convenience & Safety!.

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