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Outdoor Pet Pack

Brand: Paws 4 Life


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Product Description:

  • Outdoor Pet Pack - Premium Oxford 600D - Blue
    Dimensions: L 25.4cm x W 17.8cm x H 17.8cm
  • Durable PVC Category Pouches:
    Medications, General Protection, Trauma Care, Instruments
    29 Vet Approved Items
  • User-Friendly Pet First Aid eGuide App

Items Included Topics Covered
14-Day Return Policy
Emergencies Happens. Be Prepared.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product

This should be on every pet parents 'must have' list! The product has been so well designed - with everything you'd need. I can't believe everything that fits into the pack so conveniently. The eGuide is wonderfully helpful also. I love that the eGuide has videos, as well as written instructions.

A must have!!

Tonka is my special needs American Bully with skeletal deformities. He uses a carpal brace on one leg, requires shoes to walk so his feet don’t become bloodied and a cart when he becomes too fatigued. He pushes himself to achieve so much and doesn’t let his disability hold him back. The PAWS4LIFE pet pack is a must have for us. I do everything I can to protect him from getting any injuries but I can’t tell him not to enjoy life and be a dog. So this kit is godsend when I have to bandage him up when we are on the go from time to time so he can live his best life. It has everything we could need for quick fixes and emergencies. The only thing I would change is the ability to make the waistband smaller. I’m a tiny person and the tightest adjustment was still too big to keep it around my waist. So I wore it as a crossbody instead. But I do prefer a hip pack. Oh! And definitely download the app! A huge asset on the go!

Incredibly helpful!

Great product! Super easy to keep all your emergency gear in one place, and the app is so user friendly! This handy little pack comes everywhere with me!

A Must Have

This is a really great item. I actually had an emergency pack for human usage in my car that I had used before for both pets and people to bandage booboos, but it does not have the same caliber of supplies that the PAWS4LIFE Pet Pack does. I got mine in the mail about a week ago and was actually able to use the app in an emergency this past weekend. My mother's dog got scared of something and suddenly seized up and fell over. With the app, I was quickly able to pull up normal ranges of temperature, breathing, etc, and monitor him for any changes and he came out of it in about 2 minutes. I am so glad I had that at my disposal instead of trying to frantically look it up on the internet. I cannot wait to take the actual pack on a hike soon. At the moment, I keep it my car in case of emergency while out and about or at home. I love how prepared I feel now!

We love it!

My pups are always getting into trouble and this first aid kit is a life saver! I love how everything is organised in different compartments. It makes the instructions very easy to follow. Download the app it's very helpful! Recommend for every pet owner!